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About us

TopTaal is a service institution for adult education in Dutch. We work from our motivation that everyone must be able to participate in society.

Participating makes happier

Participating means that you can develop. And we see that people who develop and participate are happier. But insufficient proficiency in Dutch language and culture is an obstacle in this.


Make people proficient in Dutch

We are committed every day to make people sufficiently proficient in Dutch language and culture. Whether they are native speakers of Dutch or originally Dutch, we are always looking for new ways to teach more people.

Direction with municipalities

The national government states that the direction for learning and better speaking, reading and writing Dutch lies with the municipalities. In practice, this raises a number of challenges for the municipalities; how can we use the budgets effectively and efficiently, how can we adjust adequately, how can we follow the students on an individual level?

Integral approach

TopTaal therefore offers an integrated approach to quality education, taking all organizational actions out of your hands and registering and analyzing the results in MyTopTaal.

Crucial role business

The business community is crucial in achieving our objectives and those of the municipality. Because participating often means work. And once working, it is important that employees meet the requirements set by employers, which is why we work closely with the business community; as a partner and as a client.

Our approach

To achieve our mission, we are committed to four promises:

  1. Theory & Practice are integrated in everything we do
  2. Taking care of our students and relieving our clients
  3. We only work with top teachers
  4. We make a positive contribution to public opinion

Learning Helps Foundation!
Because TopTaal believes that everyone should be able to participate in society, TopTaal has set up the Learning Helps Foundation. The foundation is complementary to the language offer of TopTaal, by organizing a Taalcafé every week and employing language buddies. In addition, the Foundation is also committed to reaching out to people who fall outside the organized language range, so that they too can better master the language and thereby improve their future prospects. We invite our relations to help us with this.


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