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Features of training

TopTaal offers training for anyone who wants to learn the Dutch language or wants to improve his or her skills in the Dutch language. We develop the courses together with our clients such as municipalities and companies, who then offer the courses to residents and employees.

When compiling the programs, we apply as many insights as possible that lead to demonstrably better results:

1. Homogeneous groups
Learning works better with like-minded people. The groups are therefore small and the participants have similar goals, learning background and level.

2. In person
Learning goes better if that fits in with the personal situation. We guide students towards their learning goals. We take into account lesson times and locations, but also the composition of the group.

3. Practically oriented
With dual learning you combine learning and practice. In our lessons there is therefore much room for practicing in practical situations. That makes it fun. And a good atmosphere promotes learning results.

4. Inspiring teacher
The better the teacher, the better the learning result. That is why we only work with top teachers who, of course, have a perfect command of the content of the course, but above all can easily switch between the various educational styles and manners required.

5. Consistent
Learning is faster if the curriculum returns in the same way and is aligned with other parts of the language or education program.

6. Measure
Providing insight into the progress is motivating. That is why we test the level achieved at the intake as well as in the interim and of course after completing the course. By registering these results in our unique student-tracking system, we can make adjustments on time and we have the necessary information immediately available for further training.

7. Nice locations
Naturally, accessibility is a condition. That is why we use local facilities.


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