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Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint about behavior, contact or decisions made by TopTaal?

Complaint form

TopTaal has a complaints procedure, which can be requested. Complete the form below and we will send the procedure to you.

Request complaints procedure

  • This field is intended for validation purposes and should not be changed.


Some tips for submitting a complaint

  • enter your personal information accurately
  • Indicate what the kern is from the complaint
  • Work point by point finish the complaint, don't throw everything at 1 hope
  • Explain against who exactly your complaint is addressed
  • Give in to what behavior or decision you complain
  • Explain the circumstances (where, when, how)
  • Indicate with whom you have discussed a solution at school or at the board
  • Steer only essential documents and refer to it in your complaint
  • Keep the complaint well-arranged and concise
  • The limitation period is 1 year, but exceptions are possible
  • If you submit the complaint by letter, it must be signed.


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