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Ensure clear communication of your employees towards customers and colleagues

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Good customer service is of great importance for companies. The role of service employees is crucial in this. They are the first point of contact, they inform, listen and solve problems. Nowadays, not only by e-mail, because with the rise of social media, a completely different communication line has emerged. This requires a different way of communicating than by e-mail. In all cases it is intended that this should be done short and fast, with effectiveness as a result. The writing training 'effective communication' from TopTaal gives employees tools to optimally perform their function.


How do you clearly convey your message? How do you ensure clear communication from your employees to customers and colleagues? An important theme in the training is clear communication, so that the message gets across to the customer. Students therefore learn to structure their texts in such a way that they are understandable and easy to read.
In addition to coaching employees, TopTaal also examines the writing guide that may be present. A style guide provides instructions about the tone and style that is desirable for the organization. The style guide is sometimes rewritten with input from the participants. The result: a concise, practically applicable handout with writing tips.


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