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Language & Parent Involvement

Foreign-language parents can follow the course at their child's school and are thus encouraged to improve their own language level and to be more involved with the school.

For Whom

This course is for foreign-language parents who want to improve the Dutch language and at the same time want to be more involved in their child's school.


With the Language and Parent Involvement (TOB) course, we encourage parents to learn the Dutch language and increase their involvement in school and the (language) development of their child.
The content of the courses is determined in close consultation with the school management and is supplementary to other activities of the school. The subjects are in line with the school's themes and with the parents' learning needs. Consider for example health and healthy lifestyle. The course pays a lot of attention to the role that the parent can play in the child's school career. By creating a portfolio, parents are encouraged to talk to their child, play, cook together, read together, etc.


11 weeks


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