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Werkmarkt foundation Learning Helps! 2019

The Learning Helpt Foundation is organizing a job market on Thursday 23 May, in collaboration with TopTaal. There are workshops, there is an information market, make a profile picture and get in touch with employers. Sign up and visit Notweg 38 in Amsterdam!

What to do on the job market:

  • Discover which professions best suit you with the career choice test
  • Tips and tricks about your CV by CV doctors
  • Have a professional profile photo taken
  • Find your dream job on the vacancy wall
  • Register with an employment agency
  • Workshops and training that help you find a job
  • Get in touch with employers



You must register for the workshops. You can register up to and including 18 May.
Read below for which workshops you can register.


13.15 - 14.45 Workshop 1. 'Learn to present yourself'. (full)

"Tell something about yourself". That is a question you often hear when you are looking for work. It is important that you then know what to say about yourself. In this workshop you will learn how to present yourself properly.

14.00 - 15.30 Workshop 2. 'How to network'.

The labor market; how does it work and how do you approach it? What is networking? What experiences are there? What does your network consist of and how can you expand this? How can you get started in a practical way? In this workshop you will receive an explanation about networking. And a number of assignments that you will do together. You go home with practical tips / tools to use your network in your job search.

14.30 - 16.00 Workshop 3. 'Orientation on the Dutch labor market': Discover Your Talents (full)

Everyone is born with different talents; unfortunately we do not always know what our talents are, because we often pay little attention to the things that are easy for us. Yet it is important to know what you are good at and what gives you energy! During this workshop we will look for your talents in a fast speed. We look at the past, now and the future: how can you use your talents in search of a suitable job?

15.00 - 16.00 Workshop 4. 'Preparing for an interview'.

Interviews can sometimes be strange. If you are asked about your favorite superhero in one conversation, you will be interrogated the next time. Interviews are often stressful and unpredictable. How do you prepare for this? Learn how to prepare in this workshop.

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Terms & conditions


  • You must register for the workshops. Indicate on the form which workshops you would like to do.
  • 20 places are available per workshop. It can therefore happen that there is no more room at the workshop of your choice. So sign up for 2 workshops.
  • You can register up to and including 18 May 2019.
  • You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  • Can you not attend the workshop for some reason? Then sign out. Send an email to


Limited places available, so be quick!



With the Werkmarkt, the Learning Helps! foreign language AmsterdamThose who have difficulty participating are happy to help in the field of (paid) work and/or internships. We provide information about what steps they need to take to get a job.

There will be several organizations present that offer support towards work. Think of apprenticeships, volunteer work and vacancies. There are also information stands where the participating organizations offer their offer.

The work market takes place in Garage Notweg.
Not 38
1068LL Amsterdam

Thursday 23 May from 13.00 hour to 16.00 hour

Participating organizations:


Welcome logo

Welcome! / Blendin 
BlendIn is an online platform where
refugees and Dutch people
can meet. The goal is the distance
between these two groups.
This gives newcomers more opportunities
society and the Dutch
enriched by new cultures. Attendees
be linked based on interest,
age and place of residence.


Actual 8 
You can go to the Daadkr8 men's center
undertake all kinds of activities
develop yourself and your network
to improve. You actively go to the
get started with goals you want to achieve.
If you want a new, next step
in your life, Daadkr8 offers you
good chances for this. Do you achieve your goal,
then there are new possibilities
for you.


Woman and Vaart is it developmental
center for and by women who live,
live, work in Amsterdam New West.
It is the place where women like to come
to develop themselves. Find it here
women have the time to invest in themselves,
to learn, earn their own money or
meet other women.  


Zone3 offers companies, housing associations
and municipalities supporting services such as
maintenance, cleaning, facility staff,
caretaker, burglary prevention and neighborhood
information. The goal is always: to enlarge
of the quality of life.


Look at Talent carries out projects on it
field of social and
labor participation and job guidance.
The foundation also provides training
specific target groups.


OpportunityNet: Residents in and around Amsterdam,
who need temporary guidance and coaching,
can go to OpportunitiesNet with their questions. They
give oacoaching when searching for new or
other work.


Refugee Talent Hub brings employers
and refugee talents closer together with
paid jobs as a goal. The Refugee Talent Hub
brings about work meetings, the key
to work together and live together.


The workmaster: The target of
Werkmeester is people with a distance to
guide the labor market in their search
to work. This is done met routes
tailored, the coaching and guidance is not
in a group context, but individually.


Selmani is an organization that works for municipalities, governments and the business community. They offer a personal and result
targeted approach to reintegration,
absence guidance and outplacement.


Elance Academy offers various
programs for girls and young women
in the age of 10 up to and including 32 years.
Made to measure and suitable for the various groups.


Innovium looks at new ways
of works for young people, the elderly
and employers.


The volunteer center
The volunteer center wants people from all
corners of society help themselves
socially useful, in order to
discover something that connects with them
with their talents and agenda. Annually mediates
the volunteer center about 7000 people to
fun and meaningful volunteer work in Amsterdam.


Makers Unite:
Where in the beginning just under fifty
makers it Amsterdam Made platform filled,
there are now more than one hundred and eighty makers
involved, supported by
just under twenty-five partners -
companies that the manufacturing companies put on
offer assistance in different areas. This one
pool of creative entrepreneurs is one
has become a wonderful calling card for the
Mokum manufacturing industry.


Little Boomerang is an organization that
make clothes and work with talented people
with a distance to the labor market. They believe
in their capacities and passion. With Little
Boomerang they are working on the dream to make it
to develop the hidden talent of these people.


The Candidate Market is an organization serving young people between 17 years old and 31 years old
to work, work experience places, internship places
or supervises a course.


Do you, as a company, also want to contribute to this Werkmarkt? Which can. It would be great if you register vacancies for the Vacature Wall so that visitors can apply. Or do you want a stand at the info market. That is also possible. Send an email to and we will contact you.


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