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An inspiring congress!

Practical examples and guidelines for integration.

On Monday 18 November, the National Board, TopTaal and Newcomers at the Battle organized a congress on the introduction of the new Civic Integration Act.

The central theme was cooperation in integration to support status holders more effectively in their search for work. This requires an integrated approach and more customization. During various inspiration sessions this was discussed and experts, municipalities and companies shared their experiences.

A closer look at municipalities

During the 'Municipality under the microscope' session, participants were included in the customer journey that the status holder goes through in order to arrive at the preparation and implementation of a support plan (PIP). Meerinzicht, the executive organization of the municipalities of Ermelo, Harderwijk and Zeewolde, works on the basis of this methodology and shared experiences on the development and deployment of various dual full-time programs in the field of integration and work.

A unique approach has been developed in the Utrecht region where the status holder starts integration from day 1 after arrival. The municipality of Utrecht shared the realization of the process and which instruments are important for this. This integral approach to the Utrecht region is part of the new Civic Integration Act.

Integration works!

Meerinzicht also explained the customized process 'integration works'. A digital platform in which the status holder acquires competences. The competences are acquired through practical assignments aimed at employee skills, professional language and language reinforcement. This platform was established together with partners, including TopTaal. Read more.

Sustainable participation

During the session 'the shortest route to sustainable participation', the benefits of an extended intake were shown and guidelines were given for possible first steps that a municipality can take.

The workshop 'female status holders getting started' discussed what works for this target group and what doesn't. And especially what is needed and how you can achieve that. An interesting session in which specific attention was paid to improving the integration and participation of women.

The labor market

The Swinhove group shared good examples for the use of status holders in healthcare. Conclusion: it is not only a fun and educational learning workplace for the status holder, but also an enrichment for the employees.

With the introduction of the new Civic Integration Act, municipalities have to offer the Labor Market and Participation Module (MAP), the successor of ONA (Orientation to the Dutch Labor Market) to integrators. In the session of Elwine Halewijn of ITTA, guidelines were given for the implementation of the MAP.

Monitor students

On the basis of current projects, TopTaal has shown that a student tracking system takes a lot of work off your hands. TaalR was invited to give a presentation. Taalr is an application that helps municipalities to monitor the results of language courses. This way you have all the information together, less workload and 100% AVG proof. Read more. 

Do you want more information about one of the sessions as a result of the conference? Or do you want advice about a certain approach? We are happy to help you! Take Contact contact us and ask for one of the training advisors!


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