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Smart collaboration during integration

On November 18, the National Board, Newcomers to work and TopTaal are organizing a congress that focuses on the topic Smart collaboration in integration.

Integration 2021

The direction of integration goes to the municipalities. From 1 January 2021 the new integration system will start. The current integration system is insufficiently effective. Read more.


Last June, TopTaal, together with the National Board of Governors, investigated the status of municipalities for the preparations of the new Civic Integration Act. This survey showed that many municipalities are by no means ready for their new tasks. The results of this study were presented in July in one whitepaper. The white paper also shows that our society faces a major challenge. Many people are still sidelined because they have insufficient command of the Dutch language and therefore have fewer opportunities to participate in the labor market.

Integral approach

All this requires more effective support for the status holder. This requires an integrated approach and more customization. But how do you direct that? And what does an appropriate local and regional cooperation look like? This requires vision, changes in legislation, policy and implementation.

Smart collaboration during integration

On Monday, November 18, the Dutch Government, TopTaal and Nieuwkomers aan de werk will organize a conference in which the topic 'Smart collaboration during integration' is central. And a conference for municipalities to share knowledge together to shape this. During the conference we will discuss the following themes, an integrated approach, sustainable integration and GDPR proof. For the full program and more background information, go to the website of the National Board:

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