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Fraud language schools in the news again

Last weekend, de Volkskrant published a report about frequent fraud at language schools. About a year ago, reports also surfaced that it is being made very easy to defraud.

The article in the Volkskrant  'Fraud is very easy at language schools for people integrating'can be called shocking. Cunning entrepreneurs quickly start a 'language school' and recruit refugees with promises that are not correct. They collect the integration money and leave the person with the integration with nothing.

For years now, together with other good schools, we have watched with sadness how students switch to parties who commit fraud as described in this article. TopTaal finds this absolutely unacceptable and distances itself from these fraudulent practices.

TopTaal stands for high-quality custom education. To demonstrate that we deliver and guarantee high quality, we regularly test ourselves by independent external quality organizations and certification bodies (BOW, NRTO, Ministry of Education).

At TopTaal, participants really receive lessons in the Dutch language!

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