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Intensive language courses for status holders

Commissioned by the municipality Amsterdam TopTaal provides intensive language courses. These are short trajectories aimed at work in the healthcare, technology, hospitality and retail sectors.

The intensive language courses are intended to give status holders a 'boost' to increase their language acquisition. There are two different groups, status holders who are looking for work and status holders who already have work.

The aim is that the status holders increase the language skills and improve the skills they need in their work in a short period of time. Or easier to find work in the industry in which they want to work.

Bosch Car Service

Bosch Car Service is a universal car company where you can go for MOT. Our student works here as a car mechanic. In his work, he must be able to report well and write transfers for colleagues. He would like to improve that. He would also like to do an education up to 2e/1e mechanic. The course prepares him for this training by learning Dutch better. With the focus on his writing skills.


As an employee at HEMA you must be able to conduct sales interviews. You must be able to read and understand instructions. In short, a good knowledge of the Dutch language is required. Our student has started her learn-work trajectory. The focus in the lessons is on communicating and reading comprehension.


At the Rabobank, a student works as a PMO (Program Support, Program Management Office). He has little contact with customers, but he does have colleagues. His communication needs to be improved. This course is mainly about general communication in the workplace, a chat with colleagues and consultation in Dutch.

Dutch Scaffolding

Ducth scaffolding has been a specialist in steel scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, aerial work platforms and suspension bridge installations for more than 30 years. The student who works here is trained as a BIM modeller. A BIM modeller is engaged in work aimed at designing and managing it Building Information Modeling (BIM). This is a 3D information model that captures data for the design and construction of construction projects. You will find calculations, reports, reports and construction drawings in the model. A good command of the Dutch language is very important here. Due to the corona crisis, things are going a little differently than planned. He is now taking extra Dutch lessons online.

That house

Dathuis is a real estate agency in Amsterdam. The status holder who works here has only been living in the Netherlands for 1,5 years. She is responsible for the website. For the position she must be able to speak Dutch well. Not so much with customers, but with colleagues. She receives Dutch lessons with a focus on professional terms from the real estate sector. After a few lessons, the teacher is already very positive. She has already learned Dutch well.


Two participants do an internship at Cordaan. They are training in home care. Due to the corona virus, an internship cannot be done for a while, but it was not wise to do nothing at all. That is why it was decided to take extra Dutch lessons online. Because now it is important to continue to develop the Dutch language. The participants are happy with the online Dutch lessons. And the teacher is super enthusiastic. The focus is on speaking skills: learning to start conversations with clients where they will soon be home. Discuss with the client what needs to be done in the house, but also just short conversations about the little ones. In the future they should also be able to report to colleagues, but that is a step further.


There are 10 students who follow an industry-oriented course towards hairstylist. They have Dutch lessons twice a week. And theory lessons through the training. During the first period of the corona crisis, everything was online and practical lessons were not possible. Now the practical lessons are started again. The focus of the Dutch lessons is technical terms associated with hairdressing and material knowledge.


3000 people work at Pantar with a distance to the labor market. They carry out assignments for municipalities and companies. One of the employees has a work experience place in hospitality. He goes into the neighborhood, communication with the citizen is very important. The employee conducts conversations, answers questions and makes notifications via apps. After this work experience place, Pantar will help him to apply for another position. TopTaal offers him private lessons that are primarily focused on speaking skills.


On 9 October 2019 a private project has started at WorkForce. Via this employment agency for the industrial and construction sector the student in question works at a plumbing company. The language barrier is mainly reflected in communication with colleagues and the understanding of instructions. The language trajectory focuses on the professional language that is needed to properly perform the work as a plumber and on oral skills to ensure that communication runs smoothly.

E-bike To go

You can take out an e-bike subscription with this company. Maintenance of the bicycles is included in the subscription and is, among other things, carried out by our student. During the language course, communication with colleagues and clients is worked on. Daring to ask further if an instruction is not immediately clear and documenting repairs carried out. The student is assisted in this by a language companion in the workplace.

Driving school Nootdorp

The language course at Rijschool Nootdorp was part of the preparation of the student for the practical exam for taxi driver. A taxi driver communicates a lot with customers, for example about price agreements and the destination of the customer, but also about everyday topics during the journey. The focus was on this during the language course.

Construction branch Drawing room

Bouwtak Tekenkamer provides architectural drawings for private individuals, companies and municipalities. One of the architects is following an intensive language course in preparation for contact with these clients. Both general Dutch language and professional language are treated during the process.

SDR Electrical engineering

At this electrical installation company, 4 students follow a BBL training as an electrician. Part of this process is intensive language support, in which the emphasis is on professional language and communication with colleagues and clients. Some cultural differences are also discussed, such as the directness of colleagues and the courage to take initiative.

Boromini workshop

Atelier Boromini is a sustainable and social production workshop where textiles are sewn, dyed and printed on a small scale with natural pigments based on plants and minerals. Four employees work in an intensive language process on their speaking and listening skills to improve their position within the company and on the labor market.

The Engineer / The Upper Layer

This company specializes in stucco and painting work. The Upper Layer only works with status holders. 7 status holders have since started the training. It is important that they can speak better Dutch among themselves, but also can speak better Dutch when they have a job with clients. The Dutch lessons are mainly applied to jargon. 

Sensa Care

Sensa Zorg is a multicultural care institution that focuses its assistance on young people, the elderly, people with dementia, physically and mentally handicapped people, people with psychological complaints, addicts and women in childbirth. The status holder will work as an outpatient counselor for Arabic-speaking families. It is important that she can report to colleagues who will treat the families. She must also be able to discuss this. The focus will therefore be on the jargon of her new position.


Wacker is a biopharmaceutical company. This concerns a private lesson for an employee who works at Wacker as an operator. The Dutch contact with his colleagues is the most important thing in his work. He therefore wants to learn the Dutch language better. Classes focus on the jargon he needs to communicate with his colleagues.

Bartje Boemboe

Bartje Boemboe is an Indonesian take-away restaurant. The status holder who will work here must learn the Dutch language because she must be able to read recipes and have a lot of contact with colleagues and when it is busy with customers. 

Move Better Physiotherapy

A private lesson starts at Move Better Physiotherapy on 16 September. The student in question already worked as a physiotherapist in Syria, but has to get her diplomas again in the Netherlands. She is busy with this. The employer wants to hire her, but then she must improve her Dutch language. She now mainly does intake interviews with clients who speak Arabic, but she has to write a treatment plan in Dutch. The lessons are therefore focused on professional jargon and questions that they must ask clients during an intake. In addition, she is taught about the health care system in the Netherlands.

Roets Bikes

Roets Bikes brings old bikes back to life. 5 status holders work at Roets Bikes who participate in the intensive language process. They must know all processes, bicycle parts and professional jargon. That is why the intensive language trajectory focuses on the work in combination with the language.


Action is a non-food discount store. With the Action, 2 status holders receive support in the Dutch language for the work they perform in the store. This includes customer contact, product knowledge and professional jargon.

Sports club SDW

At the AmsterdamIn this sports association, status holders are given the opportunity to do an internship after the language lessons. The internship focuses on the facility activities at the sports association. Think of hanging lamps, catering work, maintenance on the site and cleaning work.

Stiel Group

Stiel Groep is a construction engineering company with all disciplines under one roof, active in the field of real estate maintenance and renovation in both residential construction and utility. TopTaal provides private lessons for a number of status holders. The status holders follow training as an electrician or plumber and do an internship at the Stiel Group. In these positions you often come to people's homes, so the lessons are mainly focused on customer contact and professional jargon.

Atalia & Cumberbatch

Atalia & Cumberbatch manages the income and assets of individuals. In Atalia administration, the status holder carries out administrative tasks. He receives private lessons, in which he learns the professional jargon, such as debt collection, extrajudicial collection costs, etc. These lessons ensure that he can perform his work more confidently.

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