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TopLanguage in the Stedendriehoek and Noordwest Veluwe regions

In the coming years, TopTaal will continue to provide language education in the context of WEB, language in the workplace and integration projects.

As in previous years, TopTaal will again be able to provide language education in the regions of Northwest Veluwe (Harderwijk and surroundings) and Stedendriehoek (including Apeldoorn-Zutphen-Deventer). Of course we do this in close collaboration with Taalhuizen, libraries, voluntary organizations, companies, partners and municipalities. The offer from 2020 consists of language education within the framework of the Vocational Education Education Act, Language in the Workplace and Civic Integration.

Education Vocational Education Act

Apeldoorn is the contact municipality in this labor market region. It coordinates language education with their regional municipalities and with TopTaal. The offer consists of NT2 language education to levels A2 and B1. The range of NT1 language education to the levels 1F, 2F and digital skills basic level 1. In addition, we offer tailor-made programs that are not diploma-oriented (non-formal), but are intended to acquire certain competences and improve specific skills. These tailor-made programs are established in consultation with the individual municipalities in the area. All trajectories at TopTaal start with a professional intake including assessment and lessons are given by a qualified teacher. In addition, support is often provided by volunteers.

Language in the Workplace

In addition, TopTaal provides language education at companies. Teaching the Language in the Workplace programs at companies from various branches. These processes are always completed in a practical and competence-oriented manner in consultation with the employer. We discuss in advance with companies which language skills are important to train employees. Think of: understanding safety instructions, being able to ask for an explanation if you do not understand something or being able to fill in a log. Sometimes partial funding is available for these processes from grants. Curious about experiences with Language in the Workplace programs? View on:

Civic integration

In this region TopTaal provided language education / integration lessons in the municipality of Twello for residents of Twello, Voorst and surrounding places. This project was completed at the end of last year. Almost all students have finished their integration. A few students have not yet completed their integration, but we have been able to find a suitable solution.

Like everywhere in the country, municipalities are preparing for the new Civic Integration Act and pilots are being conducted in various municipalities in this region in collaboration with TopTaal. A few examples of current projects are:

  • Language & preparation for work in combination with lifestyle in Apeldoorn for people integrating who have been released from integration.
  • Project GA on the way - social activation and preparation for work in combination with sports & exercise, in Harderwijk for status holders who are exempt from integration.
  • Independent language testing for status holders for clients of Meerinzicht (Harderwijk, Ermelo, Zeewolde).

In the first quarter of 2020 a start will be made in Harderwijk IntegrationWerkt. This is a platform for career development and employer services. In the platform, the status holder, the customer manager, the job language coach and the employer communicate about the progress of the status holder's development. TopTaal has developed the language assignments for this platform. More on this soon.





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