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Language start for status holders in Rotterdam

Taalstart is a new process for permit holders who have just settled in the municipality of Rotterdam. The process consists of a combination of language lessons and workshops aimed at self-reliance and is a preparation for the integration process.

The municipality of Rotterdam has set itself the goal of giving Rotterdam status holders a safe, useful and at home feeling and wants the status holders to work actively on their language acquisition and integration as soon as possible after their establishment in Rotterdam. By offering the Taalstart process before integration, you already give the status holder the chance to take control of their lives and ultimately to have them participate in society in a sustainable way. The status holders are thus supported in their introduction to Rotterdam and the facilities of the city. And they also get to know fellow status holders, which makes them feel more supported.

The Taalstart is a modular program consisting of workshops and language lessons that prepare for life in the Netherlands. Topics that are covered are: practical matters in Rotterdam, digital skills, integration and education, labor market and opportunities, health care and help and networking.

An important part of the program is that the language level and the learnability of the status holders are mapped. In this way Taalstart contributes to the choice of a suitable integration program.

TopTaal provides both the workshops and the language lessons. The first group has since started. We think this is a good example of how municipalities are already taking control in preparation for the new integration of 2021.

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