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Language buddies in practice

During the Count along with Language Congress, TopTaal and JumboSupermarkten together give workshops on securing language training in the workplace.

TopTaal and JumboSupermarkten are jointly organizing a workshop this year during the Tel along with Taal Congres. The subject of the workshop is 'Safeguarding Language Training in the Workplace: Language Buddies in Practice'. Because how do you ensure that your language training is also applied in the workplace? How do you ensure that your employees also apply the language in practice? 

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the annual Tel mee met Taal Congres will take place in Utrecht. This year's theme is "Working together on better basic skills for young and old". The congress consists of various workshops and presentations. For more information about the program, visit:

All participants were able to submit a proposal for active participation in the program. TopTaal, together with JumboSupermarkten, submitted the proposal 'safeguarding language training in the workplace: Language buddies in practice' and it has been approved by the organization. We are of course very proud of this!

Language training in the workplace

At Jumbo they want to exceed expectations. Every day, everywhere, for every customer. That is why it is important that every colleague has the Jumbo DNA in sight: together, entrepreneurship, winning. They also work together every day in the distribution centers on the best message for the customer. People from all over the world work in these distribution centers. To make a difference together for the customer, good communication is very important. Communication to do the job well, but also to work safely. That is why they offer Dutch training on the shop floor from TopTaal.

Assurance of language training

The aim of the training is to learn and / or improve the Dutch language (general language enhancement) and to train skills within it that facilitate communication in the workplace. Learning is often made more difficult because in daily practice Dutch is not always spoken in the workplace. And with lessons only, learning remains limited. Only when participants start practicing do they progress at a rapid pace, because then the link to the workplace is made. They can then immediately apply the teaching material. Safeguarding in the workplace is therefore very important. But how do you make the link with the workplace? How do you ensure that employees apply the language in the workplace?

In order to be able to apply the learned language skills in the workplace, language buddies play an important role in language development. Colleagues recognize the importance of speaking the Dutch language in the workplace and have an important role in carrying out the practical assignments that are given to participants.


We guarantee language training in the workplace by means of a toolkit for managers developed by TopTaal, a structured portfolio for participants and the deployment of language buddies (colleagues). We work with practical assignments that match the level and work of the employees.

The result of the resources that we use at Jumbo to guarantee the quality of language training is very positive. We see that colleagues apply the language in practice. We notice an improvement in communication and above all we see that the colleagues have more confidence to apply the language. All this ensures an even nicer way of working and a safer working environment.

The workshop

During the session we show how you can use colleagues to guarantee the learning process. We show how you can encourage participants to put the theory into practice. TopTaal has designed a toolkit for this. The toolkit for managers contains concrete and practical tools for practicing with employees. During the session we show what the toolkit consists of, how we use it and what the results are.

Another means that we use is a language buddy. A colleague or supervisor is linked to a participant to help with the execution of assignments. During the session, Jumbo's experiences with working with language buddies and the toolkit are shared.

We also tell about the portfolio for participants. An important part of this is the practical assignments that they carry out with their fellow language buddies. At the end of the training they also receive tips for further learning. For example a list of websites, TV programs and language apps that are relevant to them. And tips where you can practice with the language. From these tips they make a plan of action for themselves: where, when, how and with whom will they maintain the language when there are no more lessons. ”

What does it deliver?

This session provides concrete and practical tools for the deployment of managers and other colleagues to guarantee the quality of language training.

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