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ZOOM's privacy statement

We currently rely on using online platforms to continue our classes. Experts have expressed concerns about how ZOOM handles customer data. Particular attention is paid to the sharing of data by ZOOM with third parties. Although ZOOM was under attack, it does not seem that this is much better arranged with other platforms.
At TopTaal we therefore still think that ZOOM is the best choice to provide our lessons online, in a user-friendly way and with the quality we want to offer.

Fortunately ZOOM has taken action to improve this. One of the dangers was that strangers could come into a meeting unnoticed and thus watch and listen. Especially dangerous of course when sharing sensitive information. This has now been resolved. As of last Monday, participants can only enter the meeting either with the link shared by the host, or with a combination of ID and PIN. Furthermore, at scheduled meetings, participants always enter the waiting room first, and the host must therefore consciously admit them.

In addition, Zoom has amended its privacy statement on March 29, 2020. What stands out here:
• ZOOM is very clear: they do not sell data from their users. They do share personal data with Google Analytics and Google Ads, but only if you visit their website and give permission for the advertising cookies here. There are no advertising cookies or any other tracking technology in the application itself.
• ZOOM has stopped sharing data with Facebook.
• ZOOM is Privacy Shield and SOC2 type II certified. This is a good privacy standard for an American service provider.

Privacy is an important topic when using online communication tools. We therefore still advise participants and teachers not to share sensitive information or personal data via ZOOM. In this responsible way ZOOM is a safe means to teach from a distance.

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