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SLIM subsidy

Lifelong learning and development in the SME company

SLIM subsidy stands for a subsidy scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs and reimburses a large part of the costs you make as an organization to keep the knowledge and skills of employees up to date. The SLIM grant thus contributes to lifelong learning!

The SME business is constantly evolving to remain successful. Your employees, too, must continue to develop in order to participate. But do they still have the skills needed to perform their duties in the future? You want to offer your employees training to develop their knowledge and skills. The SLIM scheme can cover a large part of these costs. Read more about the SLIM grant on the website of the central government.

For whom?

  • Every SME entrepreneur
  • Partnerships (such as R&D funds, sector organizations, employers' associations or at least 2 SMEs)
  • Large companies from the agricultural, hospitality and recreational sectors

What can you apply for?

  • For help with the introduction or development of a method whereby your employees continue to develop their knowledge, skills and professional attitude.
  • Testing a company against the training needs by drawing up a training or development plan
  • Obtaining career or development advice for your employees
  • Offering practical apprenticeships for vocational training or part of the third learning path (no globe or bbl) at a recognized apprenticeship

How much SLIM grant can you get?

The government provides € 48 million per year for the SLIM subsidy in the 2020-2022 period. As an entrepreneur, you will receive a maximum of € 24.999 in grants per application. If the subsidy is applied for as a joint venture, a maximum subsidy contribution of up to € 500.000 applies.

what can we do for you?

We can tailor a methodology for you in which your employees continue to develop their knowledge and skills. It is a partly digital method in which we develop the professional knowledge of the employees and at the same time work on improving / maintaining the Dutch language level. This makes it easier to keep employees 'fit for work'. We are happy to give you advice with a step-by-step plan to prepare your company for lifelong learning.

Would you like more information about the SLIM grant without obligation?

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