Language courses in Gooi and Vechtstreek

Commissioned by a number of municipalities within the Gooi and Vecht region, TopTaal will start offering 2019 language & participation programs focused on work.

On behalf of a number of municipalities within the Gooi and Vecht region, TopTaal will offer language & participation programs in early 2019. It concerns a non-formal and formal offer. Participating municipalities are: Blaricum, Eemnes, Gooise Meren (Bussum, Naarden and Muiden), Hilversum, Huizen, Laren, Weesp and Wijdemeren (Loosdrecht, 's-Graveland and Nederhorst den Berg). The language courses and language training are for residents of the aforementioned municipalities who are not obliged to integrate. From January 2019, TopTaal will start with these free language courses at various locations in the region.

Language courses aimed at improving levels
With this course the participant improves his / her language level in order to better participate in society. The course is concluded with an exam. If the result is good, the participant obtains a diploma.

Language courses focused on work and education 
After following a language course focused on work and training, the participant has better chances on the labor market and better chances of success with a training. Such as: getting a job, functioning better in an existing job, doing an internship or looking for work more actively. See below the language & work programs that we offer.


Language course aimed at parents
Foreign-language parents can follow a Language and Parent Involvement program at their child's school. With this program, parents are encouraged to learn the Dutch language and to increase their involvement in school and the (language) development of their child.

The objectives of the Language and Parent Involvement course are:
- Improve the language skills of parents so that they are better able to support their child (ren) in their development.
- Increase parental involvement and parental participation;
- Preparing parents for a follow-up towards participation, (voluntary) work or training.

With the Language and Parent Involvement trajectory we reach a group of parents with a language and / or need for participation that are not achieved with other educational offers.
The content of the programs is determined in consultation with the school and is supplementary to other activities of the school. The subjects are in line with the themes of the school and with the learning needs of the parents. During the process, much attention is paid to the role that the parent can play in the child's school career. In addition to the lessons, the parents carry out assignments, often with their child. The proofs of the assignments are collected in a portfolio. By creating a portfolio, parents are encouraged to talk, play, cook, read, etc. with their child.

Every school in the Gooi and Vecht region can register.
Register school? Please contact Marije Pronker. Send an email to:

Do you want to improve your Dutch? Or do you want to combine your language course with participation training focused on work or education? Or do you want to improve your language skills so that you can help your children better at school? Then sign up here for one of the language courses.

Improve your Dutch as a resident of participating municipalities
The above courses are offered to residents of the Municipalities of Blaricum, Municipality of Eemnes, Municipality of Gooise Meren, Municipality of Hilversum, Municipality of Huizen, Municipality of Laren, Municipality of Weesp and Municipality of Wijdemeren. More information? Call Marije Pronker 088- 3742000 or send an email to


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