TopLanguage & the Week of Literacy

TopTaal is also working again this year for Literacy Week by organizing several activities for low-literate people and students.

Activities during the Week of Literacy

The Week of Literacy is organized by Stichting Lezen & Schrijven with the aim of drawing attention to 2,5 million people with low literacy in the Netherlands. TopTaal organizes various activities to contribute to the awareness of the importance of language.

Speed ​​date

One of the activities that TopTaal organizes is a speed date game day. TopTaal organizes the speed date games day in collaboration with care centers. A pleasant afternoon or morning between the elderly and our students (newcomers in the Netherlands). The purpose of this day is to give a nice day to the elderly and to let students practice speaking the Dutch language. This creates a win-win situation. And who knows, maybe long-term friendships develop.

These are private activities.

Musical reading afternoon

More than 1 on the 10 children leaves primary school with insufficient language proficiency. Reading is important. That is why TopTaal is organizing an interactive musical reading afternoon for children between the ages of 2 and 8 during the Literacy Week. The musical reading is given by Maria Romijn. 

The show

Week of Literacy_Read aloud

The reading afternoon with the performance 'Vast' after the book by Oliver Jeffers is on 11 September. It's about a kite that gets stuck in a tree. Fred tries to untie it with his shoe, but it also gets stuck. He throws a cat, a sink, a rhinoceros, a lighthouse… .. into the tree. And everything is stuck! How does this end?

Book Fair

Employees of TopTaal have collected books to give each child a book. Of course the parents are also considered. The book market is in line with the reading presentation.

Curious about how the story ends? Come and experience it! Everyone is welcome.

Taalcafé presents: “Sing along with me”

Language Café Program _ Literacy Week

The language cafe on 13 September is all about singing Dutch songs. Dutch songs made by Mr. Janssen. He makes music for people who want to learn Dutch and gives tips about learning with music. We also talk about low literacy and conclude with karaoke.

Come to the Taalcafé and sing with us!



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