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Dutch for advanced students

Winning the Olympic Games of 2020 is the ambition of Kevin Waimana Viezee, the Kenyan of 21, who has lived in Amsterdam since he was eighteen. He wants to come out as a sprinter for the Netherlands.

Kevin: "I was born in Kenya. But when I was three years old, I was adopted and I came to the Netherlands. At the age of eight I went back to Nairobi with my parents, where I attended school from the age of eight to eighteen. My parents are half Kenyan and half Dutch and I have Dutch and Kenyan nationality. I have learned Dutch, but not enough to participate in society. That's why I started taking language lessons again. "

If I win, I want to be able to speak Dutch well

Kevin is currently taking the Dutch for Advanced course at TopTaal, a course aimed at participants from the A2 level who want to improve their language skills. This is a project in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam for residents who are not subject to integration. He found the first year especially difficult. And although the conversation is easy for him, writing remains difficult. 'I am dyslexic and therefore learning a new language is extra difficult. I have lessons twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't always understand the grammar, but it keeps getting better. "

Dear runner
In addition to his language lessons, Kevin works with his cousin who has a small hotel in the center of the capital, near Dam Square. 'I have always worked in the kitchen and I now miss that. I now only have breakfast two days a week. Ultimately, I would like to become a chef, because I really enjoy cooking. I often cook for myself. I think Jamie Olivier is a nice chef, so I use a lot of his recipes. Lots of vegetables, fish, rice and pasta. I don't make Kenyan food, because I don't like it and a bit boring. "

I really like to understand more and more

What is his dream? "To become the best runner in the world. I want to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games as a runner for the Netherlands. That's why I train fanatically. Usually six times a week, sometimes twice a day. Only then is there a chance to participate in the Olympic Games. If I win, I want to be able to speak Dutch well. So I'm also busy learning the language even better. "

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