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Khalid can be found five days a week since 2013 his coffee cart. Originally from Pakistan, the coffee seller has been living in the Netherlands for more than 35 years. He improved his Dutch considerably during the Language and Work course at TopTaal.

Khalid Mahmood Khawaja has a cheerful smile when we meet him at his coffee cart in front of the entrance of the Amsterdamse Vondelpark. ā€œI came here in 1983. Since then I have learned a lot. I have many Dutch customers who come by every day. Then I talk to them, make jokes and learn new words every day. I may have made more than 100.000 cups of coffee in my life.'

If you live in the Netherlands, you must participate. Also with the Dutch language

Khalid, who took the Language and Work course, believes it is important to understand what customers are saying. 'I've lived here for so long, so I speak and understand a lot. But I find writing difficult. I make many mistakes. That's why my daughter now does the administration. I would like to be able to do that myself. Also make appointments. And send emails. If you can write, you don't depend on anyone else. The TopTaal courses helped me. I now speak even better and have also learned to write better.'

The course that Khalid took is specifically intended for working people and job seekers from the A1 language level. In addition to raising the language level, work is also being done to improve the competencies required for daily work.

If I could write better, I would be even happier

'I think my work is fantastic, because I learn something new every day. I see many tourists, but also many Dutch people. This is really great work for me! If you live in the Netherlands, you must participate. Also with the Dutch language. That's why I had language lessons. I am very satisfied with my life, but if I could write better I would be even happier.

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