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The language course is an important stimulus

Greeting guests and being able to show them the way are important skills for EW Facility Services cleaning staff. Mastering the Dutch language is a condition for this.

TopTaal provides training to the facility services provider to further develop Dutch language skills among employees. What are the experiences of Birgit Jilesen, manager of Hospitality Academy and Quality of EW Facility Services, with these training courses from TopTaal?

The employees of EW Facility Services have close contact every day with the guests and users of the locations where they clean. Think of hotel guests, office workers or residents of healthcare institutions. For that reason, the organization attaches great importance to offering, as it is called by EW Facility Services, the 'ultimate guest experience'. Birgit puts it this way: 'Hospitality has been the key concept in our services for almost 30 years. The experience of the end user is our motive, every day again. "

We invest a lot of time in organizing appropriate language training. TopTaal is our expert partner with a lot of personal contact and flexibility.

To be able to communicate in the right way, it is necessary to have a good command of the Dutch language, Birgit believes. 'Since 2013, TopTaal has been providing Dutch language lessons for colleagues who do not yet have sufficient command of the language. TopTaal has developed subject-specific readers for our sector, covering all relevant topics of the professional training in the sector: 'Language in Cleaning' and a reader focused on writing customer-oriented e-mails. It is important that our employees can make themselves understood and understand the guests and employees of our clients well. Think, for example, of having a chat or dealing with a complaint in the right way. '

Appealing themes

How does EW Facility Services work with TopTaal? Birgit: 'We find the collaboration very pleasant. Our contacts are flexible and think very well with us. We are dealing here with a target group that likes to 'do' and to roll up its sleeves. That is very different from entering the school desks to follow training courses. TopTaal works with appealing and recognizable themes that make the link with the daily practice of the employee. This appeals to the imagination and makes it easier for the employee to master the Dutch language '.

Birgit is convinced that the training courses contribute to the provision of services and thus the creation of hospitality. The enthusiasm of the students is significant, she says. The course is an important incentive, but only taking language lessons is not enough to really improve the Dutch language. Both at work and at home it is important that the employee continues to practice the language. The Toptaal courses stimulate this by, among other things, giving assignments for the workplace and tips on how participants can continue to work on their language skills at home.

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