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Accelerated integration

Challenging oneself and continuing to develop, that is what Imad Yossef prefers to do. That is why he was so happy with the accelerated integration course Dutch from TopTaal.

Now that he has lived in the Netherlands for three years, his language knowledge is good. This month Imad therefore takes the state exam B1. He did the A2 course in a short time because he is quick to understand. 'It's great that TopTaal has a fast track. You don't have that everywhere. And everyone in the group is at the same level. " Imad is also enthusiastic about the teacher: 'Jet was super fun! As a result, I learned a lot during the course. Especially a lot of grammar. '

I learned a lot during the course

What does Imad think of the Netherlands? "It's a nice country. I feel at home here, I like it. In the beginning I found Dutch very difficult. But when I went to school and got an explanation, I started to understand. Because I speak Kurdish and Arabic and some Turkish, it was easier for me to learn Dutch, I think. They say that I am a language talent. But I also have a lot of contact with other people. That way I learn quickly. '

Calm and friendly
Although Imad can handle crowds well, he is not fond of Amsterdam. 'Far too many people. I prefer to be in nature. And otherwise I do fitness or I am playing table tennis. I used to play football too, but I don't do that often anymore. I have a large group of friends, with Dutch people and people from other countries. Actually, I like all people. I am always calm and friendly. That's why I left Syria. There was so much violence there. That doesn't suit me. Life is beautiful and I want to enjoy it.'

I really participate in this society

Imad can stay in the Netherlands for the next two years. Whether his residence permit will be extended thereafter depends on the political situation in his home country at that time. Some of his brothers and sisters are still in Syria; others reside in northern Iraq. But he doesn't want to go back to Syria now. "I would have to go into the army, because it is unsafe there. Here in the Netherlands I work full-time as a technician at a security company. We install installations. I like that. There are strict rules in the Netherlands, but that's okay. This makes working very safe. I learn quickly and my boss is happy because I work seriously and neatly. I really participate in this society. "

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