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Language in the workplace

Many nationalities are employed by Jumbo. They usually do not speak Dutch and sometimes only speak English to a limited extent. The course participants do not speak perfect Dutch after the course. But they can manage very well now

"Jumbo is a very Dutch company. That is why it is so crucial that our employees can express themselves well in our language, "says Carola Drijver. 'The request for help we have placed with TopTaal concerned the supply chain branch of our organization. Colleagues work there on average only for a short time. Fortunately, TopTaal thinks along with us and helps us to make improvements. For example, we are adjusting the registration procedure to prevent as many outages as possible. "

TopTaal is a real partner


Moreover, supply chain employees generally do not particularly like to do homework. That makes learning difficult, because with only the lessons, learning remains limited, according to Carola. Only when the participants start practicing at home and look at their books, do they progress rapidly. By the way, searching for solutions together with TopTaal came up with the idea of ​​an app. Handy, because many students do not have a computer at their disposal. They cannot reach the TopTaal portal, which makes homework difficult. With information via an app they at least know what to do.

Real partner

We have had 3 starting moments, of which the last group, which started in September, was one hundred and twenty participants. A group is never larger than ten employees, which means that there is a lot of attention for everyone. The courses are intensive, but at the same time are highly valued. The students like that the lessons are given during working hours and it greatly stimulates them to put the theory into practice immediately. We really see that they are constantly improving their language skills. 'We work with three different language levels. And it is not always easy for the participants. In fact, we would like to offer much more, but this is difficult enough for many. "

Would Carola recommend TopTaal to fellow organizations? 'Certainly. From Jumbo we are very busy with business reviews. That means that our team leaders and participants, together with us and the trainer, critically examine the positive and negative points. We work out everything that could be improved in close collaboration with TopTaal. In addition, it is very pleasant that the language institute functions as a real partner. I find that exceptional for a supplier, because usually we still have to do a lot ourselves. In this case, the entire organization is at TopTaal. We provide the names of the students and then they take over all the work from us. "


Another point that can be discussed by Carola is flexibility. Other locations, different times are no problem at all if the situation requires it. 'My contacts are super flexible and provide high quality service. I have heard that from many participants. It is a really nice company to do business with. They are good at sparring and together we often come to creative solutions. " But the most important thing is the progress the students have made. 'The colleagues can now have a chat with the coffee. That is very important to us from Brabant. You have to be able to participate a bit and tell nonsense stories at a bakkie. Foreign speakers now simply participate in the conversations. So we are already taking stock of who will participate in the course next year. "

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