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TopTaal takes a lot of work off your hands'

 Improving performance and increasing enjoyment in work, those were the goals of PostNL when the organization joined forces with TopTaal in 2015. Yvette Burger, Specialist Learning & Development, talks about her experiences with TopTaal.

Yvette: 'We have many employees of non-Dutch descent. They sometimes have insufficient command of the Dutch language to be able to communicate properly. We noticed that there were many employees who want to improve their Dutch and want to develop further. For this reason, PostNL started looking for in-company language courses that would fully meet PostNL's wishes. PostNL wanted to be relieved by an expert partner. The training courses that PostNL now offers are completely customized and always start with an individual intake in which the language level and learnability are determined.

Practical assignments
During a workplace investigation, TopTaal identifies language acts in the work environment and discusses the competencies that are important for employees. Together with the PostNL working documents, this forms the basis for the tailor-made curriculum. The lessons take place at a fixed time of the week. To make the link with the working environment, the employees carry out practical assignments. For example, they learn to ask for help and explanation when they do not understand work instructions, which further increases the learning output.

Continue to grow
Yvette is very positive about TopTaal. 'Within PostNL, the Learning & Development department has gone through a transition, which has given Learning & Development a more directing and advisory role. Good cooperation with the business and training partners, including TopTaal, is very important for this way of working to be successful. 'TopTaal takes a lot of work off our hands and is very flexible and independent in picking up and executing the training courses. In addition, we are in regular contact with the training advisor of TopTaal to evaluate and tighten cooperation where necessary. Up to now, TopTaal in the Company has been able to help us with every question. '

That is what Yvette Burger is looking for in a training provider: 'We do not want to work with suppliers, but with real training partners, who go beyond supplying and evaluating, but who really think along with issues and with whom you build a relationship of trust. If it goes well, you share the success. If things are going less well for a while, then you must be able to solve it together adequately. I have to be able to build on a training partner. '
The course participants are also very pleased with the training, according to the L&D Specialist. 'After a training they talk more easily and more often with other colleagues. In addition, they understand work instructions faster. By speaking better Dutch you can grow further within PostNL. You also raise your eyes outside PostNL. Both at work and in private, for example in a supermarket, colleagues now also make contact much easier. '
The demand for language training within PostNL is increasing. In addition, many employees want to participate more than once. This indicates that the training fits in well with the needs within PostNL. "An example of this is our Technical Operator Ali. He wanted to continue learning. He does that successfully. Because when there are disruptions at the sorting machines, Ali can communicate faster to come up with solutions. "



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