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Intensive integration

Renas Haso is a fast learner. She is easily taught Dutch. She already feels so at home in the Netherlands that she - while the language lessons are still in full swing - is already working hard.

Renas came to the Netherlands at the start of 2017 with her parents, two brothers and two sisters from Iraq. Twenty-four-year-old Renas says: 'In the beginning I had to get used to the Netherlands. The difference with Iraq is that there are different rules. For example at the municipality. The Netherlands has much more rules than Iraq.

Renas follows a fast integration process; a partnership between the Municipality of Twello, Mens en Welzijn and TopTaal. This trajectory gives her the opportunity to work in the Martinushof nursing home in Twello in addition to her language lessons. Renas walks with the residents, plays games and drinks coffee with them. This way she learns the language even better and faster. 'In Iraq I already worked as a nurse in a hospital. When it was no longer safe, we left. I would like to follow nursing training here. ' The intensive integration process prepares her to be able to do the nursing training later. By working now she learns much faster. 'I like the contact with people. I want to learn the language quickly. Actually, I want it to go faster. That's why I always do my homework. '

Language lessons and work at the same time: that's how you learn the fastest

First language lessons
As part of the integration program, Renas and her family members received weekly language lessons from TopTaal. Both the father and the mother follow the literacy course, which teaches the basics of the Dutch language. And while Renas' sister is taking the A1 course, her oldest brother is already at A2 level, with a view of B1. Renas: 'I am now in B1 and would like to go to B2. And I'm going to MBO 3. If I do it quickly, I will be ready in three years. In January I will start the Nursing course. But first the language! I learn a lot at TopTaal. I really like that!

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