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In everything we do theory & practice integrated

Practice in the lessons
The most effective learning method is doing. That is why there is of course plenty of room in the lessons for practicing the new topics and our lessons are organized according to purpose. For example finding a job, talking with the children's teacher, working with colleagues. Moreover, we believe that practice is really part of the lessons. That is why we bring the practice in class or the lesson to practice. For example, through guest lectures from business people or through excursions to business.

We have also made working visits with the students, including at Sodexo and at a Van der Valk hotel. Margriet Breet, teacher

If, like us, you want people to participate in society, you cannot, of course, do it alone. We work closely with other parties that are active in the field of language and participation and with the business community. We work together to achieve everyone's objectives.

In addition, employers themselves can influence the development of trainees who may be their future employees. And it turned out that such an initial introduction is a great start to recruit employees among the students.

That is why the teaching programs are always tailor-made. We find it important that the goal of both the client and the student is achieved. And that means that we pay a lot of attention to defining the learning goal. Based on this, we develop the training and seek cooperation with partners.

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