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Top teachers

We work exclusively with professionals and our team guarantees quality with peer review meetings, study afternoons and workshops


All teachers at TopTaal are professionals: they are qualified, often have many years of teaching experience and are well-informed about the various processes and teaching methods for our target group. We select the most suitable teachers for each course, both subject-specific and pedagogical.

Every teacher was unique. They all responded well to questions and had a lot of patience. They also explained well and had a sense of humor. " Nadiya Manets, student

Knowledge sharing

Our top teachers are constantly developing. They exchange experience and knowledge in the teacher consultations, during the study afternoons, workshops and intervision meetings.


Because we consider the quality of the TopTaal programs to be very important, we have a team of substantive advisers at our disposal to guarantee that quality. The team teaches itself and is also involved in, among other things, the development of new teaching programs, choice of materials, lesson observations, group composition, promotion of expertise and coaching of teachers.


The teacher is often of crucial importance for the results of the students. Our teachers always seek to connect with practice, also go out to research themselves and are inspired by practice.

The teacher looked closely at the needs of each student. Interactive exercises made sure the lessons didn't get boring. Merel Aaldering, Blokker


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