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Project management

We relieve our clients and guide our students personally


A successful course involves several parties, both within the organization of our client and outside of it. The learning objective must be determined, the correct course for a student must be looked into and then everything must also be organized. An intensive and time-consuming job. We can take work off your hands by arranging this for you from A to Z.

Personal supervision

Learning a language requires considerable effort from students. If the student does not feel at home in the Netherlands (yet), it can hinder learning and increase the risk of early dropout. With our personal guidance we focus on the individual needs of the students. As a result, students are more involved in their own trajectory and prevent premature dropout.

Online dashboard

When you choose a customized training, you want to be able to account for this investment. For this you need insight into the progress of the students. In My Top Language, our unique online student tracking system, you have all the information you need clearly arranged together. From intake to attendance and test results. Obviously with due observance of privacy legislation.


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