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Adult education: Language, Work & Social activation

Allowing residents to participate more in society by offering language lessons and practice-oriented education for work, education or social activation.

Language courses and work-oriented pathways

As a municipality, you want your residents to be as active as possible on the labor market, to participate in society. But there are residents who are lagging behind in the labor market. These people are often helped with language lessons, practical education towards work or training and extra support. Our programs focus on, among other things, language skills in the workplace, learning to communicate with colleagues and managers, presenting yourself (applying for a job) and specific Dutch employee skills. Students gain confidence to apply and get to work. Or to start their own business. Their chances in the labor market are increasing.

Language training and participation oriented routes

As a municipality, you also want your residents to be involved and actively participate in society. But there are residents who do not yet participate optimally in society. Our programs focus on language skills and on situations that occur in daily life in the Netherlands. Students gain confidence to volunteer, get an education, maintain their own financial records, or be more involved with their child's school.



The TopTaal mission

TopTaal is your preferred partner. This applies to both adult education and integration programs. It is not for nothing that TopTaal's mission is to make people sufficiently proficient in language, so that they can really participate in the workplace and in society.

The bar is set high

Our mission means that we set high standards for ourselves:

  • Customized education of high quality
  • Project management service
  • Progress and assurance of study results
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Customized education of high quality

For us, high quality means that many participants who successfully complete the course subsequently participate more actively in the labor market and in society. Our choice to link training courses to daily (work) practice works. Our teachers are certified and selected for their ability to switch smoothly between different learning styles.



Project management from A to Z

We take care of the entire development, implementation and coordination of the training project. We put together a team that consists of a content advisor, a project manager and project staff. Together with you they determine the needs and criteria, work together with other partners and recruit and select the participants.

Progress and assurance of study results

For insight into the student's learning development, we have developed a unique advanced student tracking system with all relevant information: MyTop Language. This allows us to take timely action if necessary, such as an interim interview or extra support for the student. The municipality has online access to the dashboard during the learning process. Obviously with due observance of the applicable AVG legislation.

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Want to know more?

Feel free to call us and ask for Simone van de Pol or Monique Deenik. They can answer your first questions directly. You can reach us at number 088 3742000 or leave a message behind.



Success Stories

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Intensive integration - Municipality of Voorst

Maysoon Qurabi

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Collaboration with multiple parties

Municipality of Woerden

Vluchtelingenwerk, Ferm Werk and Blik op Talent are just three of the parties that help ensure that people ...

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