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Speed ​​dating with a language companion

Wanted Taalmaatjes! In January and February the OBA organizes three speed date evenings for new language couples in the OBA in collaboration with TopTaal and VCA.

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Language is the key to participation in society, but learning a new language is difficult. Often speaking is the most difficult. People are afraid to make mistakes and therefore do not dare. The only way to overcome that fear is to do it. And a language companion comes in handy. A language buddy is a volunteer who practices the Dutch language by practicing with the language learner. Language buddies also ensure that a status holder or language learner can familiarize themselves with the city. They go out together to get to know the city; to the library, the museum or just have a cup of coffee. But you don't have a language companion just like that. The volunteers are scarce and you just have to get in touch with each other to make it a success.

In the past, TopTaal has organized speed dates for its students with the aim of finding a language companion. This was a great success. That is why TopTaal has submitted its idea to OBA Leef en Leer. This department of the OBA is committed to all Amsterdammers who want to learn to read, write and count better. And with success, because in January and February the OBA, in collaboration with TopTaal and VCA, is organizing three speed date evenings for new language couples. A great opportunity for volunteers to discover what it is like to be a language coach and for language learners a great opportunity to find a language companion. Two birds with one stone! Will we see you there ?!

  • Oba Osdorp - January 29
  • Oba Banne - February 12
  • Oba Bijlmer - February 26
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