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You need to learn a new language calmly

Because her husband and children speak Dutch well, the Russian Hanna sometimes felt excluded. "Everyone in our family speaks Dutch. Especially when we had guests or went to visit, I could not always participate in the conversations. Since she took courses at TopTaal, she understands more and more.

Hanna has been living in the Netherlands for five years, with her husband and sons Gabriel of seven and Lucas of five. At home they speak Dutch, because her Georgian husband speaks the language almost as well as the children. Hanna says: 'We have two young children who go to school. I want to be able to communicate freely with teachers and parents. I also want to know what my children have to learn at school. I wanted a job, socializing and integrating faster. I knew that I would increase my chances if I spoke the language. "

I can manage much better and see the future much more positively

'The children don't have homework yet, but my oldest son sometimes brings his books home and together we analyze what he does well and where he makes mistakes. I need to know words such as addition and subtraction. It is still easy now and I like to help. But if they get more difficult homework, I can't help them anymore and I find that annoying. Although I still think in Russian, my children think in Dutch. To teach them Dutch and Russian, I read two stories every night. It is tradition in our family: one in Dutch and one in Russian. "

Great success

At TopTaal, Hanna took the Advanced Language course, among other things. "The lessons were very difficult for me. I had taught myself everything at home. When the children were small and played at home, I taught myself everything from books. But learning a new language is very different in a class than when you learn from a book. You need to learn a new language calmly. When I had lessons at a higher level, I had to work harder. Practice more. Write and read more. "

The first parent conversation that Hanna had at school was very difficult for her. "I didn't understand everything and couldn't say what I wanted to say. The last time was a real test for me. I only spoke Dutch. I did it! There were two different teachers with different call speeds and with different intonations. They spoke about learning, behavior and feelings. I have had the entire conversation in Dutch! It was a big success.'

Language buddy

Hanna is currently improving her language skills with a Taalmaatje. 'We chat together and then she corrects me. As homework I have to write stories and then she tells what I am not doing well. " The lessons helped Hanna get started, she says. 'It helped me a lot, especially in my motivation. I need a household and therefore an appointment outside the door. If I have lessons, I will go. But if I have to sit and learn at home now, then I will not succeed. I need that regularity. "

Hanna is very pleased with the way in which lessons were given. `The lessons at TopTaal are very modern. Sometimes we got songs from YouTube, then again we watched a movie together. And we set off with the group. That was perfect for me! My knowledge of the Dutch language has improved, my vocabulary has been expanded. I understand more grammar, and now I write better than before. I can manage much better and see the future much more positively. "

After Hanna received her certificate in April, she applied for a job at a clothing store in July. With success. 'That's certainly because of the lessons. I can say what I think. I am happy with the TopTaal courses because I found the practical information very useful. Unfortunately, I cannot take a course with my timetable in the store. But as soon as I can, I register for the Language & Personal Financial Administration course. I really want to improve my Dutch further '.

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