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Integration lessons in the evening

Originally from Eritrea, the 29-year-old Krtash Semere has been living in the Netherlands for three years. She loves technology and is happy that she has since started her mbo education in Electrical Engineering. 'In my native country I worked as a mechanic for four years. I want to do that now in the Netherlands. "

Krtash is eager to learn and that is why she did not want to start working immediately. She chose to study technology in addition to integration. TopTaal gave her the opportunity to do her integration in the evening, so that she could go to the Technical School during the day. She is now following the Electrical Engineering course. At MBO she only gets one hour of Dutch a week. Far too little, she thinks. Because with the Dutch language she doesn't feel at ease yet. She would like to improve her language skills at a faster pace.

Language is important when you go to work or want to learn a trade

Evening classes

Krtash: 'The courses at TopTaal were very good. I have learned to speak, read and listen. I have passed my listening, reading and writing exams. I still have to get the results from Speaking. Language is important when you start working or when you want to learn a trade. Now I will take the ONA course, Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market, in the evening. This is mandatory for integration. The lessons are very important. "

Krtash thinks the most difficult part of the Dutch language is the multitude of meanings that a word can have. The Eritrean is clearer in this, according to her. What complicates the lessons is the fact that she thinks so much about her husband. The couple got married ten years ago, but there is little chance that her husband can come to the Netherlands. Still she keeps hoping. 'I now live alone in the Netherlands. My family lives in Eritrea. I very much look forward to seeing my husband again. "

The TopTaal courses were very good. I have learned to speak, read and listen

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