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Integrated approach that leads to work

Language & Hospitality. An orientation course for working in the hospitality industry, a combination of theory and practice. The program includes working visits to Van der Valk and Sodexo. And during the lessons you can immediately practice in the café of the location.

A collaboration between TopTaal and the Da Capo foundation in Apeldoorn. Da Capo Foundation offers (migrant) women opportunities to learn new competencies and skills. They can then better participate in society and participate in the labor market in voluntary or paid positions. Just like TopTaal, Da Capo Foundation opts for an integrated approach and offers various activities that lead to social activation and work. The specific wishes and needs of participants are met as much as possible so that they can optimally develop their knowledge, skills and talents.

Our students want to orientate themselves in jobs in the hospitality industry.

Orientation course

Marleen Hoogeboom from Da Capo, in collaboration with TopTaal, has given shape to the language & hospitality orientation course. TopTaal is responsible for the language part and Da Capo for the connection with practice. Twice a week teacher Margriet Breet provides information about the possibilities for working in the hospitality industry. In addition, the participants work together with Margriet to improve the Dutch language, specifically focused on topics such as hospitality, product knowledge and employee skills. In addition, the students receive lessons in cooking, setting the table and serving. And you can practice right away in the café of the location.

Margriet Breet teaches her students with pleasure. 'Our students want to orientate themselves in jobs in the hospitality industry. Some of them want to follow a course, others want to enter the labor market immediately. With this course they learn a lot about working in the kitchen of a restaurant, cafe or hotel. In twelve weeks they receive theory and practical lessons and the opportunity to obtain the Hygiene certificate.

The emphasis within this course is on self-development. The students stimulate each other, and a nice bond has developed. For example, there is a student who wants to set up a catering company and then asks the others for advice. I am strict, because I put them all to work. You can hear them grumbling when they get so much homework! Then I indicate that people are working hard in the hospitality industry. You must arrive on time, keep your promises and do your best. "We all work hard in the Netherlands," I often say.


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