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Language & Home Administration

The Colombian Stella Espitia came to the Netherlands twelve years ago for love. She learned the Dutch language, but also discovered that there are situations in which 'home-garden-and-kitchen-Dutch' is not enough. That is why she took the free course Language and personal financial administration.

 I have not only improved my Dutch, but also learned very specific things that I am better able to handle with regard to money matters. I think it is important to continue to develop myself in that area.

In the course, which lasts six months, participants learn, for example, how to write a business letter. Stella: "You use words that I hardly use or don't use or hear in daily life." Students also learn how word use can make a difference when conducting a business conversation. I can't make the appointment, can be understood as if it is not possible to make an appointment while it is I cannot make an appointment for next Thursdaycan mean. Both in self-speaking and in listening to a conversation partner, it is good to know words and to know what they mean in a business context. "Creating a word list with specific business words helps enormously."

Not just language
The course is not just about language. "I also learned a lot about taxes," says Stella. 'What an allowance is, for example, and what allowances are. And also the support schemes that the municipality offers. Both in terms of content and how you can request it. Which forms do you need for this, for example, and how do you complete them. That is very educational. The combination of both the language and the explanation about the 'system' works well because we can immediately put the things we learn during the language lesson into practice. '

Stella Espitia would like to do an administrative training in the future. 'This course already helps me in daily life and is a good stepping stone to the future. I want to continue to develop. '

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