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Language to learn

She was looking for a man for her girlfriend, but the Ukrainian Nadiya Manets became acquainted with a Dutch man. She and Jacob have been married for eleven years and they speak Dutch with each other, thanks to the lessons at TopTaal.

Nadiya says: 'I followed three courses at TopTaal because I wanted to be able to communicate better with Dutch people. If you live in another country, I think you should speak the language well. " The first course that Nadiya took was Language for Beginners. After that she participated in Advanced Language, after which she also followed Language and Personal Financial Administration. Language and Personal Financial Administration has given her more insight into how to do your own administration. What to do if you receive an official letter from the tax authorities, for example. And how to send an email. The lessons were very focused on practice.

My compliments for your teachers

She has had lessons from various teachers. 'Every teacher was unique. They all responded well to questions and had a lot of patience. They also explained well and had a sense of humor. So my compliments for your teachers! The atmosphere was very good. I have really enjoyed it.'

Nadyia would like to follow more courses, if possible. But then participation must be free again, because she cannot afford study costs. She received the courses through the municipality. Meanwhile, she is going to keep her language skills up to date every Friday at the Taalcafé, a meeting place for foreigners and Dutch people who want to help them with their language skills, a collaboration between TopTaal and the Stichting Leer Helpt! 'I enjoy studying and that is also because you have such good teachers. So TopTaal must primarily continue to offer courses. '

The atmosphere was very good too. I enjoyed it!

Although Nadiya glows when she talks about her homeland, where she last visited five years ago, she also loves Amsterdam. 'The mountains in Ukraine are beautiful. Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea. That is beautiful. But I also like Amsterdam. I like Dutch people. They are so friendly and they communicate so easily. It is nice to walk through the city. I walk everywhere. That's how I stay young.' Although Nadiya is not obliged to do an integration course, she will soon do her integration exam. Just because I like it.' What will she do next? 'Then I will thank TopTaal. I don't know how yet, but I'm definitely going to give something back.'

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