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Improve the language level of employees

Good command of Dutch in the workplace has a positive effect on employability, broad employability, productivity, safety and quality.

Solid teams

As a manager you want colleagues, partners and customers to be able to trust your team. This requires that the team work well together, replace each other if necessary and assignments are carried out properly. This requires sufficient proficiency of the Dutch language and culture. TopTaal is happy to be your experienced partner to increase language skills within your organization.

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Personal development

In addition, a good command of Dutch is required for the personal development and career possibilities of the employee. This also increases the sustainable employability of your employees.


Miscommunication and non-compliance with safety instructions can lead to unpleasant and even dangerous situations. With customized training, your employees better understand the various protocols and procedures within your company. The documents and instructions are used as a basis. Improved language skills are also necessary for employees who do physical work. If they understand information material better, for example a brochure about the best lifting position, unnecessary failures can be prevented.

Customized practical training

TopTaal provides customized language training based on the specific situation and learning objectives of the employees concerned. For this we conduct an extensive intake. The course integrates theory with the practice of daily work. Research confirms that this is the most effective learning method.

Standard courses

Because the professional training for five Polish assistant team leaders worked with documents from Blokker itself, the examples were directly in line with the daily practice of the students. Merel Aaldering, Blokker

Grant application

We are happy to help you apply for training grants for employees who do not have sufficient command of the Dutch language.

Staff and management

Good command of the Dutch language is relevant for everyone in the labor process. Our practical training is not limited to the operational workplace. TopTaal can also develop a suitable language course for staff and management positions. Many companies have already preceded you.

Measurable result

Our mission is to help people to become sufficiently proficient in the Dutch language so that they can participate in society. And we grant everyone that. That is why we set concrete goals in advance and measure whether they have been achieved afterwards.

We see improvement in language skills, motivation has increased and Dutch and Polish boys are gradually finding each other better. Eveline van Doorn, Docomar animal nutrition

This language course earns itself back three times Docomar, a pet food company that has been in existence for more than forty years and has two branches in Veenendaal, is ambitious. And ... Read more Read more about This language course pays back three times

Project management from A to Z

We take care of the entire organization of the learning process. From sending the first invitation to the participants to coordinating with the managers and issuing the certificates.

Want to know more?

Call us and ask for one of our language advisors. They can answer your first questions immediately. You can reach us at number 088 37 42 000. .

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